Cash Flow Planning

Cash Flow Planning

Good financial planning starts with a goal

Are you saving for something particular, are you saving towards retirement?

We all have something we are working towards.

A lot of clients we work with want to know will they be ok in retirement, however this always starts with a goal, how much do they want to retire on per week, month or year, how many holidays do they want to take, change the car, help the kids etc etc.

We conduct something called a factfind this is where we get to know you in greater detail to understand your current savings, investments and pension schemes, we then look at your income and expenditure, is there a surplus and could some of this be used towards your future goals.

Once we know the above we’ll discuss what your timescales look like along with an attitude to risk.

If you have more time to plan for your future can you afford to take a potentially higher risk and reign it back in later  or maintain a constant risk level.

After we know your goals, timescales, appetite to risk, assets that can be used towards said goal we can then run a number of scenarios to provide projections to see how long your funds will last and what actions need to be taken to better the position.

Furthermore, what underpins all of the above?  What protection do you currently have in place that can run alongside your future goals in order to make sure that if you could work from an accident, sickness or critical illness you can still achieve the desired outcome.

If you want to find out more about a financial cash flow plan for yourself you can speak to an independent financial adviser on 01483 654135 or direct email