Pensions & Being A Mum!

Pensions & Being A Mum!

Pensions & Being A Mum!

A recent article on BBC news has highlighted a downside to pensions for women who decide to start a family.

According to government official estimates women’s private pensions are 35% lower than a man’s. The importance of setting up a pension (workplace or private) and contributing to this offers you choices in later life, the choice to continue to work, phase your retirement, spend more time with the family, travel, whatever is your goal at that time.

For those women who do decide to start a family they can see their own pensions be much lower than those who don’t.

It is not until a life event (such as having children) that people tend to consider how they are going to retire or other financial targets such as school fees and university fees, weddings, a child’s first car etc etc.

Having a financial plan in place with consistent regular reviews will let you know if you are on track to achieve your financial goals, provide you with an understanding of any potential short comings and what you can do to apply any changes if needed to put you back on track to your goals.  Regular financial reviews will not just look at performance of your investment but other ways to maximise tax through allowable government tax allowances such as ISA’s, pension tax relief, married couples’ allowance, gifting allowances etc.

Do you know if you are on track to achieve your own ‘financial target’ or retirement target? Have you considered hiring a professional financial adviser to put some of those plans into action before it’s too late? Maybe you think it is too late, so you have been hesitant to talk to someone?

Would having a professional onboard bring you a little confidence that your future financial self is being looked after and will be able to relax a little knowing that you have a financial plan in place?

I have helped many mum’s look at their finances over the last decade and not 1 of them has told me they are unhappy having me onboard in fact quite the contrary. Let’s look together at your financial plans and where you want to be in later life. I will help you achieve it with significant knowledge of the financial markets and services and how they are relative to you. Simply give me a call today on 01483 654135 or if you don’t want to talk initially why not email me directly on