How Can You Save For A Better Future?

How Can You Save For A Better Future?

Saving is a challenge especially with everything creeping up in costs and wages not rising at the same rate. If you’re putting money away for a rainy day or saving to get on the property ladder you will want to find savings tips that are useful and actionable so we thought what better way than to put our top tips in to a blog.

1 – Quite often if we have debts we are paying off we will be paying interest on them so, the first port of call should be making sure your debts are all paid. If you check your debts interest rates and make sure you pay the ones off quickest that have the higher interest rates you will save more in the long run.

2 – Do you smoke? Did you know that the average smoker can save nearly £3000-00 per year when they quit.

3 – Do you buy coffee from Costa regularly? Buying 1 less coffee per day could save you over £500-00 per year.

4 – Check your local energy prices using the comparison sites as again here you could save anything up to £300-00 per year.

5 – Try taking a holiday in the UK rather than going abroad and make sure you do your homework. Quite often you will find a decent rate on a place to stay when booking well in advance and again could save you around £300-00.

6 – Speak with a financial planner that can assist you in making sure your tax efficient, your pension is set up correctly, your finances are working hard for you and more importantly is able to help and assist you in realising your financial goals. Why not give us a ring today on 01483 654135 to book your initial consultation.